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letra de canción de MEREDITH BROOKS * SHINE * WALK AWAY

Got a lot to say but I couldn t get it in
And we couldn t get along so it got in the way
I ll give you the spin and you couldn t even talk
But you never give in
Yeah I can fight with the best of them
And we ve gone a few rounds and I shed a new light
And I counted to ten but it didn t seem to matter
You just wanted to win
I won t let you drag me in
I know you enjoy the pain
Oh you won t feel anything
Well I don t play that way
It s a sure bet
The last thing you re ever gonna to hear from me
Are my footsteps
As I walk away (I walk away)
You ve tried everything
To keep me coming back
Oh but I m spent
As I walk away
One thing s for sure last thing you re
Ever gonna hear from me
Are my footsteps as I walk away
You love to fight and I couldn t get through
And your blood is running hot makes you feel alive
In everything you do and you want it that way
I can t abide by you
Look at the time I guess it went to waste
But I m good to go I gotta toe the line
I ll make mistakes but I still got a chance
I m gonna take
Everything you said
Is like a kick in the head
Don t count me out just yet
Place your money here instead
Can t even tell me that you want me
But this time it s just all right
Something that you ll face in the morning
But baby if you want when I close this door
I ll leave on the light

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