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Letra de canción de LEMAR * TIME TO GROW * I DONT MIND THAT


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letra de canción de LEMAR * TIME TO GROW * I DONT MIND THAT

I seen this girl
She works at the store on my block
Pretty little girl so hot
Feeling her for a minute cos shes got wot I want
She looks so good
Her smile hypnotises me
Shes the finest thing Ive ever seen
I cud see her with somebody like me
So complete
But wot
Wot if I told her how I feel
Wud she believe that Im for real
Wot if this is just a crush
On a girl that I dont know
Wot if shes just a fantasy
Maybe shes not the one for me
Think I oughta let it be
I dont know her name or where shes from
She got me trippin like shes the one
She will never know just how I feel
But I dont mind that
Just wanna feel her lips on me
Show her that love that shes feelin me
But I know that its not meant to be
I dont mind that
Im hooked
Im saying if she got that look
I feel just like an open book
And its crazy how she got me shook
Like this
I just freeze
When I see you walking down the street
Wid the body I just cant believe
Neva try to make her notice me
Cos wot
Wot if shes too hot to impress
Wot if its something I regret
Think I oughta let it be
Tomorrows gonna be the day
I know she closes work at eight
And Ill be there
Pray that hell
Think Ill bring 12 O zays
Finally I ask her name
And maybe we cud go out someday
Well theres a chance you cud turn me away but
I dont mind that
[Chorus x2]
Said I dont, said I dont, said I dont

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