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There s a party going on in here for real
I got more product than Ron Popeil
So deal with that troop were troopers
The only air time you get is on bloopers
Beatsie Boys in the place up in the space
So renovate or evacuate
You better think twice before you start flossing
I been in your bathroom often
Taking punk MC s out I m all about
My to do list today is turn the party out
Getting hot in here no room to breath
I got my pen in my hand so you best not sleep
No I m not Herman Munster or Dr. Spock
I go by the name of the King Adrock
So here s a match my ass and your face
Listen when I tell you dog;
I m in your crawl space
You re in front of my house and you know that s wack
Bite my rhymes with a scanner from Radio Shack
You suckers try to front like you ve got the force
But I ll slay like Vader sip you for a first course
Don t even get me started on intercourse...
A 14! 9
Don t step into my zone or even periphery
Can t grab a hold of my style it s too slippery
The way you act a fool son you can t erase
I ll have you running on your way like steeple chase
You tried to take my title now put it back in place
But now you re busted wearing panties and lace
Steeling my style from my trophy case
But my drive s secure like an army base
You re sneaking and peeking and trying to give chase
But you ain t never gonna catch me;
I m in your crawl space
Schematics, blueprints and microfilm
Calibrate your sonar when I m in your realm
Cause you know we re getting scarier and scarier
And this extends beyond the Tri-State-Area
Omnipresent and omnipotent
My rhymes are whales and yours are rodents
This means huge compared to very small
You look a little chilly, can I get you a shall?
Cause these rhymes are zoo proof
They re like anvils lined up on a roof
Waiting to drop on your corny melon
Cause were not buying what you re selling
First you want to battle then you start to whine
You re looking hungry, it must be snack time
So run home where you feel safe
But don t sleep Cochise;
I m in your crawl space

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