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Letra de canción de BACILOS * CARALUNA * ELENA


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letra de canción de BACILOS * CARALUNA * ELENA

Even when I think she is hiding from me
Even when It s so hard for me to break the ice
I can see there s something in her eyes
Something missing in her smile
Even when she s hiding from me
I m gonna find the way x3
To her, Elena, Don t Worry
Someone will help you to forget
Don t you worry Elena
No, Elena
You have to have that all inside your heart
And I ll help you find it
I ll help you find it x3
Matching perfectly the weather (the London weather)
She wears gray and black as winter
Showing very little care
For all those who d die for her
Wearing gray as past as winter
But i m gonna find the way

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